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The Rustic Bridge, Fountains Abbey

Another image from my trip to Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire.

Similar to the previous two images, the issue here was the number of people at the site. My fault really, shouldn’t have gone on a hot Saturday afternoon in July! This is an image of the rustic bridge and waterfall. In my opinion, most moving water is best captured in long exposure (unless it is big crashing waves at the seafront.) The problem here was the water wasn’t moving very fast! The odd patterns in the water were made by very slow moving froth, but I still wanted to capture the waterfall at the far end.

The benefit of very slow exposure, and this one was 281 seconds, is that as long as people keep moving they won’t show up in the image. I used a Lee Big Stopper and this results in a blue cast. You can negate this by setting your colour balance to 10,000k or shoot Raw and sort in post. I rather like the blue cast, particularly when there is green in the image too. Anyway, here are the settings.

How I got the shot:

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