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Llandudno Pier at Dawn, North Wales

Llandudno Pier at dawn. I think Llandudno is a rather pretty seaside resort and remains largely unspoilt – unlike a number of English resorts! There are lots of photo opportunities in this area and in Llandudno in particular. The magnificent Victorian Pier is one. Most will photograph the pier on its right side as this is the most accessible. The best side though is the left. This is a side of the pier most don’t see. About 25yds past the Grand Hotel entrance there is a break in the wall with steps leading down to the beach. Avoiding the dead fish that have been marooned on the steps when the sea recinded, you’ll need to wade through not very pleasant water to get to the best position. This was also a test for my Gitzo that was under about four feet of water at the time to get this shot.

This was a long exposure and, as the tripod was under so much water, I worried that there would be some motion blur in the shot. I needn’t have, though, as the Gitzo didn’t move a micron!

How I got the shot:

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