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Fountains Abbey through the foliage

Trying to find a unique view of the Abbey was difficult. I guess it must have been photographed thousands of times and sometimes you have to get more creative! I’m not saying this is a unique view but the fact that you have to get off the beaten track to get it ensures a certain degree of exclusivity.

Having said that, there were a number of people watching me and as I finished and moved away from the spot, my position was taken up with several iPhone photographers! Anyway, I processed this in monochrome as the colour did not add to the overall image. A large DOF was required as I didn’t want the foliage to be completely out of focus. Shooting at 65mm focal length made getting things close to the lens in focus a challenge! I needed f20 (and I really don’t like shooting that narrow due to diffraction) to achieve the correct hyper focal distance. The other problem was that I shot it at a speed of 1/6th so there is some motion blur in the foliage nearest the camera.

How I got the shot:

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