Dunstanburgh Castle – Northumberland

Northumberland has always been one of my favourite places to photograph and recently I had the chance to revisit the area. This is an image of the famous Dunstanburgh Castle outside Alnwick in the North East.

As this is the east coast, it is best to be here at sunrise. However, this shot wasn’t taken at sunrise, rather about 90 minutes after. More important is to arrive as the tide is coming in. This is so the beautifully formed rocks are wet which makes for an almost alien like foreground! You’ll need your wellies too as you’re going to be wading in the sea to get the best composition, I stupidly fell twice which resulted in me being soaked from head to toe. Is is indeed very precarious perched on the very slippery rocks! As you can see from the photo it was a rough sea which I wanted to capture along with the ruins of the castle in the top right. The rocks in the foreground make for an excellent close focal point.

How I got the shot:

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Author: Dreampixels

Dreampixels Photography & Film are a small award winning visual media studio operating out of West Yorkshire in the UK. The founder and owner is Alan Pretty who is primarily responsible for all imagery and video on the site!

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